Make Women Bankable!
UN Convention - CEDAW article 13 b) The right to bank loans, mortgages and other forms of financial credit

From a bakery in Bangkok to a sushi restaurant in Katrineholm
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9th EMN Annual Conference
Building sustainable Microfinance in Europe
8-9 November, 2012 - Bucharest, Romania

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Unique cooperation gives half a million to Microfinance Institute in Sweden
Plantagon support immigrant women entrepre-neurship through microfinance

Mikrofinansinstitutet in Sweden (MFI) has started a collaboration with the innovation company Plantagon where Plantagon initially allocate 500 000 SEK to the MFI's activities. An activity that uses microfinance for social and financial integration of mostly women with an immigrant background.
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Selection of new borrowers with MFI
Jose Quesada Import
Import and sales of products with a Latin origin

Heat Spa@Massage
Spa treatments in the warm environment

Susan Eklöw is the first borrower with MFI

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Microfinance is a viable method to support individual’s ideas for economical self-sustaining where micro finance plays a major role in the process of self-determination. Microfinance is a relatively new and innovative business model of approach that stimulates and enhances creativity to find sustainable alternative solutions to social challenges.
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You have momentum. You have ideas.
You want to run a business.

But you lack the network, credit-history, or the experience of running a company in Sweden. In addition, you need a small loan to start showing what you can accomplish.
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